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Star Trek: Voyager:

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Star Trek Voyager is another live action Star Trek series that premiered in 1995, and ran until 2001. It is UPN's first program and was created by Rick Berman, Michael Piller, and Jeri Taylor. Captain Kathryn Janeway was played by Kate Mulgrew and was the first series that had a female Captain. The captain of the Saratoga is also woman in Star Trek IV. During the first episode of the series, Voyager is sent to chase after a Maquis ship and gets towed 70,000 lightyears to the Delta Quadrant Of The Milky Galazy where a very powerful, yet dying Nacene alien called The Caretaker was located. The Kazons were attacking the Ocampans, which are a telepathic civilization with a very short life span. They lived underground in underground buildings while The Caretaker sends them everything that they need in order to compensate for the damage that was caused to the Ocampan planet by the Nacene. He took several ships from all across the galaxy to try to find somebody to take over. He couldn't succeed in time, so when his space station was damaged in the attack and was also no longer able to destroy the station himself, he begged the crew to destroy it as soon as possible. They used tricobalt devices to destroy the station, which caused subspace ruptures, when a ship snuck in and grabbed some technology from the station. The Kazon's ship collided with one of the Kazon ships, and the Maquis crew and the Star Fleet crew both merged and served under the command of Janeway. The captain is very protective of her ship and crew and will do anything to get them home. Robert Beltran played Chokatay who was a Maquis officer that became second in command when the Voyager's first officer was lost. Kes is an Ocampa that helped Voyager and also became a crew member to continue in guiding Voyager through the Delta Quadrant. She became a nurse in Sickbay. Unfortunately, the Ocampa do not live very long and age very rapidly. She was also injured around the time of the war between the Borg and Species 8472. She leaves Voyager and manages to get Voyager closer to The Alpha Quadrant. She returns, to try to send back a younger version of herself to her home planet, but later manages to get home herself. Her hair is short at the beginning of the series, but grows longer, possibly to easily show her different ages. Neelix is played by Ethan Phillips who has worked with Star Trek as other characters, such as a Ferengi. On Star Trek Voyager, he played the part of a Talaxian merchant that found a new home on Voyager. He is a chef, and also the ship's ambassador and morale officer. He also appoints himself to other positions, such as chief cosmetics officer and relief medical officer (which was actually a Neelix serving as a relief medical officer on a ship of short lived duplicates) Roxann Dawson plays B'Elanna Torres whose mother is a Klingon and her father is a human. She was a maquis officer that is the chief engineer on Voyager. Tom Paris is played by Robert Duncan McNeill, and was released from prison by Captain Janeway and became a navigator. The Doctor is an EMH MkI holographic life form on Voyager that became Chief Medical Officer after the medical staff and several other members were killed when The Caretaker pulled Voyager 70,000 lightyears. He is created by holographic expert Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, and the Zimmerman name was given to the Voyager EMH, and a variety of names based on Zimmerman was used for him. That name was occasionally used for his name during the captions and subtitiles, but he was referred to as "The Doctor" through the entire series. These character names are based on Herman Zimmerman, and Jeri Lynn Zimmerman, a.k.a. Jeri Ryan. He is also one of the educators for any students on Voyager. Annika Hansen was assimilated by the borg when her parents were exploring. Her designation was Seven Of Nine Tertiary Adjunct Of Unimatrix Zero One, and people usually call her Seven. She became a member of Voyager's crew later and her appearance was restored, and usually wore catsuits. She still had some borg implants and some visible borg implants above her left eye, her neck, and one of her hands, and also regenerates in a borg alcove in one of the cargo bays. She is very efficient, and organizes efficiency drills, and seems to enjoy waking the captain in the middle of the night. She has to recover a lot and she also had "assimilated" some star fleet training. Tuvok is a vulcan that taught at Star Fleet Academy, and because of this, he is another educator on Voyager. He is well over 100 years old, but he won't tell you that. He is friends with Neelix, and helps B'Elanna is deal with stress. Harry Kim, played by Garret Wang, is the operations officer on Voyager. He pursues several impossible relationships, and also saves the lives of Voyager in an alternate timeline, but is very puzzled. Samantha Wildmen is the young human mother of Naomi Wildmen. Naomi is part human, and is very clever and is guided by Voyager's medical officer and Tuvok. Neelix is her Godfather, and she later becomes friends with Seven and the children that were former drones. They both have worked together to save Voyager from destruction. What had looked like a journey of at least several decades to get back home, but only took about seven years. During the mission, they advanced in science and technology and made first contact with over 400 Delta Quadrant inhabitants, as well as the Borg and several Borg Queens, (which are composed of severed organic heads with mechanical skulls, spinal columns, and bodies. ) that intercept Voyager whenever she thinks it is necessary. The aliens that they have discovered are Nacene, Ocampa, Talaxian, Kazon, Vidiian, Species 8472, Hierarchy, Malon, Hirogen, Krenim, Turei, and Vaadwaur. There are several things that happen to them, like being attacked by flying life forms that have been abused by another stranded Federation ship, having their identities stolen and reputations damaged, and Voyager's medical officer being kidnapped to an overcrowded world desperately needing medical attention. They also have other people join their crew, and all come back safely.

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