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Television Families: The Hills:

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While many stories are set in the state of New York, there are some that are elsewhere. "King Of The Hill" is one of them. It is an animated series with theme music performed by The Refreshments, and is animated by Film Roman (but you probably didn't know that fact). It is set in Arlen, Texas and is about a neighborhood of people. The title is made for a family called the Hills.

Hank Hill wears thick glasses, has shorter hair, a wrinkled forehead, and is usually very mellow and serious. He almost always wears a white T-Shirt. He is devoted to Propane, while many others around him are not. He works at Strickland Propane And Accessories and is the assistant manager there.

Peggy Hill wears square glasses and her hair is brown and worn up in a very old fashioned way, while some people think she is very "old". She is employed in an enormous variety of independent freelance positions, such as being a certified teacher that has taught Geomerty but usually just substitutes Spanish class. Although she is fluent in Spanish, she often mispronounces many of the words. She is also a freelance columnist, freelance telecommuter, and a real estate agent. Her knowledge of the Spanish language has qualified her to work as a customer service representative for certain companies. She formerly worked at a local supermarket where she is an expert grocery bagger.

Bobby Hill is their son, who is intelligent but does not do that well in school. He is very creative and is skilled in house work and house cleaning and cooking. Neither one of his parents approve of this because Hank thinks he should have interests that are more gender related. Peggy does not like this because he can do a better job than she can.

Luanne Platter is Peggy's niece. Her father is a con artist who ends up getting sent away to prison for life. Everybody wants her to believe that he just left on a lifetime contract to work at an offshore oil rig. Her mother has been in jail for stabbing and also has severe alcohol problems which causes her to become hostile. She drives away and steals Bill's truck. So Luanne has been staying with The Hills. She has light blonde hair, and has occasionally altered her hairstyle. Her hair is short at the beginning, and then becomes long and layered. She is a hairstylist, and works with Bill at a barber shop that does Hank's hair. She later goes back to college.

Ladybird is a very very old dog and she usually does not do much.

They have 2 cars. A gold sedan and a red truck (once was painted white) with an extended cab. Hank enjoys mowing the lawn and doing household repairs.

So who is Bill Dauterive?? He was once very strong and had long hair. Now he appears to be out of shape, he is losing his hair, and is very sensitive. He has had an exhausting service in the military. He has returned to do people's hair at the military, and he also worked with Luanne at Hank's barber Shop where an older man is competing with beauty salons. Bill's ex-wife is named Lenore, and he usually talks about her, and has named pets after her.

Dale Gribble is married to Nancy Gribble. He has a son named Joseph and neither of them are aware that Dale is not the biological parent. It is quite obvious that Joseph's real father, since he is frequently with the Gribbles and often is seen with Nancy driving away together behind Dale's back. Dale is usually annoying and sometimes nerve-wracking.

Boomhauer also has light blonde hair and wears black tee shirts similar to Hank's clothing, and does not have a family of his own He talks rapidly and indistinctly, wwiand inserts "man" and "I'm talking about" between almost every word that he says. He has a brother that talks the exact same way. They of course do not get along and he tries to make Boomhauer look like a bad person .They have been in love with the same woman and Boomhauer's brother has attempted to make her not like Boomhauer, but the plan fails and she breaks off the engagement. Their parents live in Florida and have won the lottery.

Joseph Gribble is a strong athlete is friends with Bobby. Sometimes the two get into trouble. He frequently wants to see Luanne naked and is jealous when other people accidentally do, such as Bobby or "Mr. Kahn".

Nancy Gribble is a light blonde haired weather broadcaster, claiming that medical equipment is similar, identical to, or even the exact same thing as weather equipment. She often calls people "Shoog" which is supposed to be "Sugar".

John Redcorn is a native American that is very cultural and meditates, is inspirational, and is very mellow sounding. He is a massage therapist. He is the father of Joseph Gribble because of an obvious affair with Nancy Gribble. Joseph and Dale are oblivious to this fact and Joseph does not understand why John for example would be giving him possessions that have been in the family for many years.

Kahn Souphanousinphones lives in the neighborhood and often calls his neighbors Rednecks. One time he saw Dale building a tower that didn't have a foundation and calls to have inspected saying "There must be something wrong with tower built by rednecks. It was built by Rednecks!!" He does not like Bobby Hill dating his daughter.

Minh is Kahn's wife and is a gardener. She also comments about the neighbors.

Kahn Jr. (Connie) is a girl that is Kahn's son. Kahn wants to have a son so badly, that he named her that and gave her the title of a son. She is in advanced placement and works very hard to school by the pressure of her parents. They of course claim that this is encouragement.

Lahoma is Kahn's mother and dislikes Kahn's cleaning and cooking abilities.

Doggie Kahn is their dog.

None of exactly what they do at their jobs is known. They have at least two cars, a dark blue van, and a light silver car. One time Kahn turns into what he calls his neighbors and also has an El Camino along with a terrible appearance of house and yard (and since Minh is a gardener this would fall into the category of her, NOT Kahn, but still the place ended up beginning to fall apart). Kahn and Minh both in that situation resulted in Connie/Kahn Jr. to be able to get into a popular college for the future by somebody from the admissions department saying that despite her present situation she has overcome so much.

Elroy "Lucky" Kleinschmidt fell at Costco and was given a settlement. He does not have much paperwork or records about himself, and his existence, which Hank helps him out with that. Similar to Luanne, He is very intelligent but appears to know absolutely nothing and also usually appears to be lazy. He is forced by Luanne's father to be arrested for something that Luanne's father had done. He marries Luanne and becomes the father of her baby.

Buck Strickland is the founder and owner of Strickland Propane. He looks and sounds similar to Bill, and rarely works. He likes ice cream and gambling. He also has numerous addictions and cheats on his wife.

Elizabeth Strickland is Buck's wife and also cheats on him.

Enrique considers Hank Hill a very close friend, but Hank does not feel this is possible because he is his boss. He did not own his house most of the time which resulted in him having to move out He says he has simply never saved up money or even bothered at all to purchase a house. His almost having to move is because of Peggy Hill trying to fill empty houses with young people. Something goes wrong, which is why Enrique's family almost had to move out), and she has to correct the problem.

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