Thursday, April 10, 2014

Reviewing The Maury Show:

This is an old article pending revision.

This sleezy Talk-Show-In-Disguise actually makes court shows look good. and I mean ALL of them. Daytime TV has many court shows, and a few of them have excessively long explanations from both plaintiffs and defendants and everybody on the show laughs with each other like if they were all trying to become similar to the "Night Court" situation comedy.

I'd rather watch any of these court shows than I would watch Maury. And I think Maury would hate to see what Judge Jeanine Pirro, host of "Judge Jeanine Pirro" and "Justice with Judge Jeanine", has to say about the Maury show. She goes on and on about various issues on her court show that are very important to her. ...and I doubt she would go to the length that Maury does to humiliate "bad" people.

On Maury, it is a televised version of a horrible circus filled with Circus Freaks. It is quite disturbing.

A few episodes are about makeovers. Many of the episodes are about violent teens that need to be sent off. And most episodes are about paternity tests.

It is so sad that it is legal exposing children to violence on television (even if it is fake) I mean the children are ON a violent (or just disturbing) program and for the rest of the nation to watch. How are they not humiliated and how is this legal?! Why do you think the violent teens are violent to begin with?! I will guess that they have no problem in finding violent teens that need to be sent off. They simply get the SAME kids that were on a Paternity Test episode years ago.

And also here is an example of a Boot Camp episode. The kids are violent. Attacking anything. First easy targets such as Zoboomafoo and Barney The Dinosaur (and also Fife but not Miller and Rubble) And even more violent, attacking everybody. such as their parents, police officers, court judges including Shiendlin and Pirro, sumo wrestlers, WWE wrestlers, MMA wrestlers, Ninjas,  Sandy Cheeks, Worf, Olivia Benson, alligators, crocodiles, crocogators, giant grizzly bears including The One That Wasn't, Thirty Thirty The Equestroid, Spock, Wonder Woman, Batman, Joe The Condor, Space Ghost, The Herculoids, Captain Planet, Mantenna, Squidward, Stampede, Sosai X, fifteen angry steamrollers, flying flaming chainsaws, exploding potatoes, pianos & safes & anvils falling from a construction site, Bruce The Shark (may have stopped eating fish, but what about people??), George Foreman, and Chuck Norris. These teens have battled ALL of these people, and have won. They are out of control! and they appear on Maury. They are sent off. Maury performs various X-Rated favors to these teenagers, and they reappear miraculously recovered 110% in fear of Maury.

Maury makes an already brainwashed society worse. It is hard to watch this program. It is also very difficult to listen to this program because much of the words have to be edited out.

Connie Chung is Maury's wife and she appears to have partial control or at least influence on the show. Asians are never portrayed negatively, yet other ethnicities are portrayed negatively and also stereotypically on Maury. I take that back. I guess Asians ARE portrayed stereotypically. A stereotypical asian is usually a perfect person ...a complete snob, right?

And I think that Connie's singing-on-a-piano "Thanks For The Memories" is not nearly as humilating as the "Maury" show and being married to a man that has a trashy television show that is so trashy, it makes other trashy television programs look much better. You deserve better, Connie!

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