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Reviewing Captain Planet:

This is an old article pending revision.

I love this show and its animation quality. I also like some of the
music. Work began on it in 1989 by Ted Turner. He also owns TBS, aired
it on his network. He also owns Cartoon Network, and when he launched
it, and also when he began to occupy Hanna-Barbera, he now has network
AND animation studio so he shifted production to Hanna-Barbera.

In a world of The Perils Of Penelope Pitstop, Gaia, Spirit Of The Earth
is tired of the pollution and whatever. She sends five magic rings to
five special Young People.

From Africa: Kwame, with the power of Earth.

"Let Our Powers Combine"!! I love that phrase. It is from Levar Burton.
He is also Geordi from Star Trek. I hated the Geordi Character. He was
never supposed to be chief engineer, but instead the nerdy pilot that
gets tortured all the time. He is still a good fit to be sole chief
engineer because he said nerdy things like "Don't touch my engines!!"
and they STILL tortured him lol. Unlike Geordi, (and also Reading
Rainbow) Captain Planet is PERFECT for LeVar Burton. He really does a
great job and his character is the leader of the group. They kinda made
him look like LeVar Burton also. LeVar Burton does a great job as
narrator and narrates the opening segment of first three seasons.

From North America: Wheeler, with the power of Fire. A nick name,
perhaps last name. And he is obviously Irish. He is supposed to be the
ignorant fool that does not know much about the environment. He asks
all the questions and comments that a viewer curious about the
environment would have.

From Eastern Europe: Linka, with the power of Wind. Originally
mentioned as from Soviet Union, Linka has the power of Weeennd! She is
very much an environmentalist and is very grouchy sometimes. In season
3 and onwards, they mention her as from Eastern Europe. I do not
understand why they did not mention Linka from Eastern Europe to begin
with!! All the other Planeteers have their continents mentioned, not
their countries.

From Asia: Gi, With the power of Water: She has the power of Wah-Ter.
In the Hanna-Barbera episodes, she says it faster.

From South America: Ma-Ti, with the power of Heart. He has a Latino
accent with obvious tribal heritage. While Native (North) Americans and
Native Alaskans/Inuits resemble Asians, I am guessing Native (South)
Americans resemble Latinos? This power that he has is often mocked.
Heart?! lol. While not easily seen as an "element", it is not only
recognized by Wiccans, etc. but also a very effective superpower that
is commonly used by other superheroes. In the
JusticeLeague-SuperFriends/PowerPuff Girls crossover: "My ability to
talk to fish is of no use, Wonder Woman!" Wonder Woman tries not to
roll her eyes. LOL. But "Heart" is useful in telapathy, and also even
mind control and has at times been the MOST useful power. Also, "Heart"
can imply to love each other AND the earth.

Succhi: I hate him. I need to be zapped by the Heart power lol. Succhi
is a demon monkey and is Portraying Polluting Perpetrators in disguise.

Gaia: originally voiced by Whoopi Goldberg. With her voice acting, we
get the same amount of wisdom that we get from Guinan. Also their NAMES
sound similar. Perhaps it inspired Star Trek. It is also interesting to
see a resemblance of Whoopi Goldberg in animation and with flat hair.
during the production change, Margot Kidder is the voice of Gaia. She
does not bring out the wisdom in Gaia like Whoopi does. Ironically,
Gaia looks kinda like Margot Kidder also.

Captain Planet: Voiced by David Coburn. he has green mullet hair and
blue skin. he wears a cape-thing, gloves, and boots...all red.
Originally he did not wear boots. He also has red briefs underwear that
appears to be pulled up like a nerd. Briefs on the outside is a common
superhero thing. He would have looked less disturbing in Boxer
Briefs/Compression Shorts with Swim Trunks. Him being shirtless is not
disturbing, and it is similar to He-Man's cape-thing. Sorry but I don't
know what else to describe it. He-Man also wears shorts that are way
too short ugh. Anyways, I would not mind wearing what Captain Planet
does, nor would I mind green hair and blue skin...if I had the strength
to build a levee out of tree trunks (Oh-No!! Captain Planet chopped
down trees?! lol) AND then plug up a dam by with its own rocks that
broke apart by simply tossing them back in, and heating the rocks up to
solidify. AMAZING!! Captain Planet is almost indestructible, but needs
to regenerate and can not come into contact with pollution, nor can he
do anything if he travels into space.

Portraying Polluting Perpetrators: I like Dr. Blight. She is the best
villain out of all of them. And Meg Ryan doing some of the voice acting
is perfect also. (And if you didn't know, she has that strand of hair
covering half her face because she got burnt and has a creepy scar)
There is another villain, I think Skumm? Who is very evil. He hates
people and encourages war and destruction. There is Hoggish McGreedley
and a sidekick that very much remind me of Hawgtie and Skuzz. (And
Filmation beat Captain Planet-TBS/DiC/HB to it with being the first to
introduce a kid dying of a drug overdose before Captain Planet had an
episode. I can't say much more because of IMDb length policy so I will
skip to production flaws.

I did not like the Hanna-Barbera version. They added terrible music in
that version. Some of the episodes (regardless of studio) are annoying.
But otherwise okay. I like the "Go Planet!!" moral scene at the end,
and also the theme songs. (except the HB opening theme lol)

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