Monday, June 2, 2014

Reviewing Caillou:

This is an old article pending revision.

Some kids shows are very disturbing, and this is one of them. Actually, they are multiplying! They are all run by a bunch of industrialists that want your children to buy something, try to win some contest, and believe that every kid can be in a famous band. No really there are a lot of shows that APPEAR to be good for kids, but in fact are evil in disguise.

Caillou was made a few years after Arthur, and by the same company, Cinar!! WHAT?! Just look at the beauty of the design of "Arthur"'s layouts, backgrounds...are all done very good. Caillou's backgrounds are very basic so I am surprised that they are made by the same company that made Arthur. Perhaps I will take a second look to be sure that Caillou's backgounds aren't as "silly" as I thought.

It is about this young four year old kid that is also bald. His voice is not good and is a stereotype of how four year olds sound. He is a spoiled brat that gets little discipline. Part of the theme lyrics are "Growing up is not so tough, except when I've had enough" which is annoying but it is a perfect description of Caillou.

Caillou is supposed to be "understanding what little kids are going through" since he is their age. Unfortunately at that age they pretty much just imitate what is on the television and who knows perhaps Caillou's target audience says things like "Why aren't you nicer to me like Caillou's mommy and daddy?!"

There are a few episodes I remember well. There is a good one, about one of Caillou's friends breaking his toe (The other kid, not Caillou's toe LOL). That episode was all right.

Another one was when Caillou's younger sister (often more mature than Caillou) tickled Caillou when he wore a shirt that he had very much outgrown. She was laughing at him and teasing him, which Caillou did not like. (He also was throwing a signature tantrum because he was unable to wear his favorite shirt anymore)

The most memorable tantrum is when Caillou was going to the circuis. He was brushing his teeth and getting ready, when a simple "It's not until tomorrow" set him off and then he tried to calm down by getting out his bathtub toys and played with a car, which broke. and then he threw ANOTHER tantrum and said "Silly old car! Silly! Silly! Waaahhhhh!!!!!"

They should have just made him as emotional as possible. It would NOT make a great kids show then (and still isn't as it is now either) but it would certainly attract teenagers. Caillou's tantrums have gone viral on YouTube, and they are quite fun to edit. Also his tantrums make D.W. Read's tantrums look mature. (she doesn't have as many as Caillou. She is more eccentric than emotional, with the exception of Arthur's Perfect Christmas)

Also, Caillou + Miss BG = a perfect marriage. (and one that would not last very long despite their perfect match... They would act exactly the same once they have become adults.)

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